We may be moving!

We may be moving to our new site, Zenfone.org in the very near future! Our suspicion is growing about the Padfone branding being changed into the Zenfone line-up. Jerry Shen, Asus CEO, said last year that the Padfone line “may” become part of Zenfone Deluxe. So we just give you our readers the heads up. Part of our reasoning is that we simply have zero leaks, rumors, hints that a new Padfone is in the works. The trail has gone cold and then some. So if at Computex the Deluxe is the new Padfone, then we will turn our attention to our Zenfone.org website. We hope you join us there!

Only a quick mention of Padfone at 1Q 2016 Asus investors conference

We are trying to remain positive on a new Padfone. However the 1Q 2016 investors conference shed no more light. If I was to say hot or cold, I would say cold right now.

The Padfone got a mention in a slide, but more as a reflective comment about their innovations from the past. Absolutely nothing about a future release. Nothing about Padfone at Computex 2016. Lots was said about Computex 2016 but none of the products included the word “Padfone”.

The hope is from the S2 leaks a while back. That’s the last indicator that something was in the works but that was a long while ago. You think with the Zenfone 3 at Computex this year, that the Padfone would get overshadowed.

Stay tuned. We are tracking all news to see if anything is coming!


Things have been too quiet regarding the new Padfone

This has been interesting. Lots of Zenfone 3 rumors, but nothing regarding the next Padfone. Computex 2016 is in a few weeks and there has been no indication of the new model.

So at some point we could start asking about the Padfone S2 and X2. As in, is Asus changing the Padfone branding all together? If you think back to the recent past Asus retired the Eee PC branding. They have recently retired the Eee Book branding. These decisions are sometimes made.

At this point we are a bit nervous about the next generation Padfone. It didn’t really get discussed at the most recent Asus investors conference either. The trail has run cold as it were. Let’s hope for the best!

Details of Snapdragon 820 processor which is likely powering Padfone X2 and S2

A bit of time has passes since the rumors began floating about the next Padfone (X2 and S2). At that time, the Snapdragon 820 was said to be the processor. We have a few new tidbits about the processor and the benefits it will bring to the new Padfone. These are not confirmed specs, but these are very realistic possibilities at this point.

  • Snapdragon X12 LTE modem for up to 33% faster 4G+ LTE download speeds and up to 200% faster LTE upload speeds compared to the previous generation.
  • Qualcomm TruSignal multi-antenna boost technology to intelligently compensate for signal impediments, improving call reliability, data speeds and call coverage while reducing radio power consumption.
  • Snapdragon 820 processor is available now and is expected to be shipping in devices in the first half of 2016.

No new Padfone at CES 2016 but news coming soon

CES 2016 might have been a logic place for Asus to show off their new version of Padfone, but this wasn’t the case. Perhaps it’s just not ready, or perhaps the announcement would get lost in all the noise surrounding CES 2016. Afterall, there are so many products being covered by the media, the Padfone may lose some of that buzz.

So it’s looking like a month or two from any real news. Hopefully there will be some leaks and other specs coming out. The new Snapdragon processor was rumored to be in the new Padfone and that processor was going to be a 2016 release.

Naming wise, the X2 seems logical for the North American market with the AT&T exclusive Padfone X. The rest of the globe may see the S2 naming, as the last model was known as the Padfone S.

Stay tuned, there should be some interesting leaks upcoming!

Asus CEO says Padfone likely to become part of Zenfone Deluxe line

So this is an interesting news tidbit. Padfone Deluxe? Is this possibly the direction that Asus CEO Jerry Shen is hinting at? Or is he hinting at the fact that the Zenfone Deluxe smartphones will be compatible with the docking mechanism on the next Padfone S2 or Padfone X2?

Here is the original comment:

Additionally, Asustek’s PadFone series is likely to be incorporated into the ZenFone Deluxe line, Shen added.

It’s just not clear if there is going to be a rebranding taking place. If Asus can have a stand alone smartphone that will dock into a Padfone, then it would be a great move. Consumers with that model of Zenfone can certainly look at the Padfone tablet portion as an accessory. It can be a real value added to the Zenfone Deluxe line, that’s for sure.

We’re watching closely to see what details we can find out, so please check back with us during the lead up to IFA 2015.

[source: digitimes]

Padfone S2 Specs – Fact or Fiction?

Part of us is sad at the thought of waiting until 2016 for a new Padfone. If this first true rumor/leak is legitimate, then the Padfone S2 will be seeing a 2016 release date, perhaps even as late as March 2016. This timeline is based on the apparent processor that is part of this rumor, and the given release date of devices with this processor.

So here is a quick rundown of the leaked/rumors specs:

  • Qualcomm S820
  • 4GB memory
  • 32 / 64GB storage capacity
  • 5.5-inch phone with 2K screen
  • tablet portion is a 10-inch size (this has been rumored months ago, which gives this new rumor some credibility)
  • 3060mAh (phone) battery / 5100mAh (tablet) battery
  • 20MP rear camera, 8MP front camera
  • release date of early March 2016