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Note: We are not affiliated, endorsed, or claim to be associated or related in any way to ASUS or ASUSTeK. We are fans of ASUS, have always been supporters of ASUS products, and are here now to spread the good word about the amazing PadFone!

It’s an exciting time right now! We are literally blown away by the latest innovation from ASUS which is a hybrid device that docks a smartphone into a tablet. This new concept is named PadFone and we love this thing! So much so, we wanted to launch a site dedicated to news and coverage of this cutting edge new product from ASUS. We are sure this is the next big thing and we want to follow right from day 1.

Speaking of Day 1, the ASUS PadFone was just announced in Taipei during the ASUS press conference on May 30, 2011. There is a tremendous buzz around the technology world as this Padfone came to light. A few early leaks certainly helped create the buzz. If you read comments on various tech websites, everyone is completely excited and juiced about the PadFone.

We are just assembling our site so stay tuned later today for full details and a full offering of official PadFone images and photos.


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