Padfone 2 is official

padfone 2

Wow! Yes, this did come out of nowhere didn’t it? We saw benchmarks for the Padfone 2 surface this week and now this juicy news.

Is the Padfone 2 release date October 16? Certainly this is the big coming out party and hopefully shortly thereafter it will be available to buy. Expect Asia and Europe to get first crack at buying the Padfone 2. We are hoping for a North America release date or news so stay tuned for that!

With things moving at a quick pace in the technology world, it’s a great move by Asus to cease the Padfone 1. The technology with smartphones and with the amazing tablet designs that Asus has come up with since the original Padfone, this move is great news. This is very exciting and let’s hope for some juicy new photos of the Padfone 2 as we near the release date and unveiling on October 16th.

[original story at Notebook Italia]

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  1. Peter September 21, 2012 at 2:02 pm #

    Just recieved the “1” version, works like clockwork.

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