Padfone 2 release date confirmed by Digitimes

Say what you will about the reliability of, but when it comes to Asus they are pretty much bang on. They have a story today which does confirm that it’s going to launch in October. Yes there was the official Asus mention of the event but an actual release was unknown. I think with Digitimes mentioning October as a release date we can all be hopeful.

There aren’t a lot of details from the article, other than they suggest finally Qualcomm is able to produce processors more quickly now. If you recall, that was the issue with Padfone 1. There were delays in the processors which in turn kept pushing the Padfone release date further and further back.

What Digitimes does say is that the Padfone 2 will have the quad-core processor and Android 4.1. As expected the screen size, resolution and thickness will all be improved. No real surprises there. In addition, the story mentioned that the initial shipment volume will be limited. They suggest the Padfone 2 will be targeted at the high-end market.

Bottom line is it looks like the Padfone 2 is going to be impressive and the price may be expensive.


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