Padfone 2 Rumors: Box and Specs Photo

The Padfone 2 is causing a stir. We’ve seen some stories in the last couple of days and now this. Certainly this falls into the unconfirmed and rumor section. The question is whether what you see below is in fact the PadFone 2 box and specs. Hard to know for sure at this early stage. Some say fake, others say legit. I have no idea but it’s interesting to discuss none the less.

Here are two Padfone box photos. The first is the latest Padfone 2 rumor. The second if from a guy named “First Last” who uploaded a photo from his Padfone 1 box. It’s good for a comparison.

padfone 2 specs

And for the original Padfone 1 box photo uploaded by “First Last” in the Engadget comment section:

padfone box and specs

When you compare the two boxes, it’s safe to say that the Padfone 2 box is not finalized if it’s real at all. You can see much more detail on the Padfone 1 box. The Padfone 2 box doesn’t list HDMI and a number of other details. In my opinion it seems incomplete or just fabricated.


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  1. mirak September 21, 2012 at 4:10 pm #

    The lack of HDMI in the specs doesn’t indicate it’s fabricated.

    The padfone 2 box list USB 2.0 with MHL.
    If there is MHL output then you don’t need HDMI, since HDMI will go through this MHL port.
    At least if it’s a newer MHL version that support HDMI and USB at the same time, wich is not the case on a Galaxy S2, but I read it was planned for next MHL versions.

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