Cover Blown! Padfone 2 official images leaked plus hands-on video

How do companies manage to keep their products under wraps until the official unveil? I’m sure that’s a question Asus is asking themselves. In just two days we’ve seen about 5 or 6 official press release Padfone 2 images including the new Padfone 2 Station. Not only that but a video shows the top Asus executive showing off the Padfone 2. The video I would imagine was not supposed to be made available online. If a hands-on demonstration of a yet to be announced and unveiled product is done after an interview, then it might be safe to assume it’s a confidential hands-on. Did the Asus exec know the cameras were rolling? I suppose. They simply can’t be happy to have that type of footage on the internet just days from their official unveil. Lessons learned I’m sure in this.

The images are on Engadget here and the video is on YouTube here.

I have a take on what’s been shown. If you take close note of the hands-on video you will see a charging port on the bottom of the Padfone 2 Station. I’ve checked and the Transformer tablets, including the Padfone 1, all have the charging port in the center, but they also have 2 connector ports for attaching to the keyboard dock. I clearly don’t see any of those connector ports in the video. The photos are inconclusive. This leads me to believe that there is not going to be a Padfone 2 Docking Station. That was part of the rumor out there. This is not a fact, it’s just my opinion. Based on feedback and cost, it’s quite possible that the 3-in-1 idea was too grandiose and a simplified Padfone 2 and Station would be more mainstream and practical. Also consider that Asus may be releasing a Padfone monitor which could offer up a similar usability for the Padfone 2. It’s exciting and trying to guess is half the fun.

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