Padfone Mini part of Asus Smartphone Strategy

A recent Asus investor conference has shown off an interesting slide. Are you prepared for a Padfone Mini? Apparently it’s in the works. Nothing official but clearly it’s being listed and shown during the conference. I think it’s going to happen. The only real question is what size? The Padfone Infinity is 10-inch with a 5-inch smartphone. The Mini could sit in a 7-inch tablet? I think 7-inch is a proven tablet size so it’s just a question of the smartphone size. It’s likely going to sit in the same size as the current HTC and Samsung mini versions of their flagship phones. Hopefully details come sooner than later! Asus is always full of surprises!


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  1. Pandu Dryad October 29, 2013 at 10:25 pm #

    Alright, i just confusing about the different between “padfone” and “fonepad”..
    they has a similar name

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