Padfone X2

Well this may be something to look forward to in 2015. There may very well be a Padfone X2 in the works. It’s unclear if that means the Padfone S will see a S2, but it’s very possible this is the branding that Asus will move forward with.

In the mobile space, things move fast. Yearly releases are common, if no completely mandatory. Faster processors, brighter screens, better battery life, better cameras. All these things are growing leaps and bounds.

The talk about a Padfone X2 USA with AT&T means there is some serious believers in the product. What’s not to like here? It’s unique, it’s amazing and it gives you much more usability for that expensive smartphone in your life. If I asked anyone out there, would you want to make more use of your smartphone when you’re at home, almost every honest person would say yes. Have kids? Then you really can relate. The Padfone X2 is expected to sport a 10-inch tablet vs. the 9-inch tablet with the current Padfone X. If anything, this bump is size will make the keyboard even more usable.

Padfone X2 Specs:

  • with something in development and rumor based, we can speculate. What we’re hearing is that the Padfone X2 is going to sport a SD 810 processor. Here is a quote from Qualcomm, the makers of the Snapdragon SD 810 processor: “The Snapdragon 810 processor is a 64-bit enabled, LTE-equipped chipset for premium mobile computing devices. The Snapdragon 810 processor is anticipated to begin sampling in the second half of 2014 and expected to be available in commercial devices by the first half of 2015.”
  • 10-inch size – This is a great move for one reason. This size will allow for a “no compromise” keyboard layout. No special keys to use a quote for example. Asus proved that 10-inches was sufficient for them to create a full size QWERTY keyboard in netbooks. A Padfone X2 keyboard would be just like those netbook keyboards which were small, but they were fully functional. It would be a real win for consumers.

Padfone X2 Mock Up Logo

Will there be a Padfone S2?

If you take the X2 branding and the fact that the Padfone S is for all intents the Padfone X for international markets, then a S2 makes sense. Hopefully Asus goes with this branding as opposed to the past which was a bit confusing with the Padfone 2, Padfone Infinity, Padfone E, etc. Just having Padfone S2 is clear and it’s easy to understand that it’s the second generation model.

[source: evleaks]

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