New model is Asus Padfone S2 – Rumors and Leaks Begin!

We’ve been watching the goings on with the next Padfone, but ultimately there hasn’t been much news to report. We’ve already discussed the fact that Asus will be keeping this a premium product and will launch only one Padfone per year.

So we are just hearing of the Padfone S2 today. This could be considered the ramp up, although these are rumors at this point. What we can say, is that it appears that S2 is the follow-up from the Padfone S. Forget about the model naming schemes of the past, it does appear that Asus has something for the brand now. We also expect this to mean there will be a X2 for the US market.

Stay tuned, we will be ramping up all the news, leaks, and rumors of the upcoming Padfone S2! From what has been mentioned out there, a release date is not imminent and could be six months away.

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