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Padfone S2 Specs – Fact or Fiction?

Part of us is sad at the thought of waiting until 2016 for a new Padfone. If this first true rumor/leak is legitimate, then the Padfone S2 will be seeing a 2016 release date, perhaps even as late as March 2016. This timeline is based on the apparent processor that is part of this rumor, […]

New model is Asus Padfone S2 – Rumors and Leaks Begin!

We’ve been watching the goings on with the next Padfone, but ultimately there hasn’t been much news to report. We’ve already discussed the fact that Asus will be keeping this a premium product and will launch only one Padfone per year. So we are just hearing of the Padfone S2 today. This could be considered […]

One PadFone release per year say Asus CEO Jerry Shen

Asus is dialing back their products this year. Jerry Shen, Asus CEO, told investors that there would be one PadFone release each year. The question remains whether the PadFone mini will see another release and if there will be a PadFone X2 and Padfone S2 released in the same year. Same model, different name for […]

Padfone X2

Well this may be something to look forward to in 2015. There may very well be a Padfone X2 in the works. It’s unclear if that means the Padfone S will see a S2, but it’s very possible this is the branding that Asus will move forward with. In the mobile space, things move fast. […]