Padfone Photo Gallery

Update: See official Padfone S product photos here and official Padfone X product photos here.

We are currently updating this page with NEW images. The images at top are of the new Padfone 2 and pictures below feature the old design of the Padfone.

white padfone

We thought instead of scattering ASUS Padfone images and photos all over the site, we thought why not make a page? So here’s the page. Now we just need to start adding the Padfone images for you to see!

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  1. Malkeet singh gill June 25, 2012 at 4:09 pm #

    I am from india interested in buying a asus padfone,can u arrange this for me,pl. let me know regarding the same.
    Anxiously waiting for the same
    Malkeet gill

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