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close-up-padfone-xIn the past it has been very clear to me that the greatest single resource consumers have is each other. After you buy a product, especially a piece of technology, there are always questions. There are always things to learn. So many settings to choose from, how does one know what to do? Yes there is online support in some instances, but nothing is better than discussing your new purchase with other owners. That’s what this page is for. If you’ve bought a Padfone X, this is the place where you can help out other owners if you have a special trick of setting that you think will help others. It’s good karma to share!

So let’s use the comment section below to share advice, suggestions or issues that you’re having. Then the Padfone X community can help you out! We will start off by offering a few tips and tricks that will help you in setting up your Padfone X because certainly it’s a one of a kind and it will require certain unique settings or tweaks that may be hard to find.

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  1. Mike Levanduski8 August 21, 2014 at 4:31 pm #

    Question: How can you get the Padfone to communicate with TV’s via HMDI? I have the Netflix app on my phone. I bought a micro to HMDI conversion cable. I have configured my Panasonic TV to use the free HMDI connection. However, the Panasonic TV doesn’t see the PadFone and visa versa. Also, I tried without out the Pad and with another TV. I also tried with a TV that using a USB connection. Again – nothing. So I’m thinking it’s the Phone, or the when the phone is docked in the Pad. Any suggestions to over come this minor annoyance?

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