Padfone X Review, Specs, Price, Where To Buy

att-padfone-x-014Anyone in the USA who has been waiting and waiting for a chance at a Padfone, your wait is just about over. We have some GREAT news for you!

Order Now: Available Now From AT&T – Click Here To Shop Official AT&T Store. Different purchase plans available or buy for $199.

Where You Can Buy: So far you can buy online from the official AT&T store or The Padfone X is an exclusive product for AT&T so you may not actually find them widely available.  We’ve asked and we’ve looked. When other shopping options come available, we will be sure to post them here for you.

Price: Starting at $199 with a 2 year contract with AT&T. There are a couple other options here for buying the Padfone X. If you use the ATT contract-free upgrade plan, you will be paying $22.92 for 18 months (total price to buy it would be $412.56) or alternatively you could choose 12 monthly payments of $29.80 (total price to buy it would be $357.60). These prices are not including data and voice charges. In other words, the contract-free upgrade plans do not include the cost of service.


Why Buy The Padfone X: One pretty good reason is that you can have the best of both words. Actually you can have the best of 3 worlds. You can have a good smartphone, then you can have a good mobile data enabled tablet, and lastly you can have a great 3-in-1 solution as a laptop (a data enabled one at that) if you buy the mobile keyboard dock. There aren’t any devices around like this.

Consider also what you typically do when you get home. The phone is handy when you’re out and about but when you’re home, it likely sits there. I’m sure the laptop at home gets used or the PC. I can be pretty sure that most people aren’t using their smartphones at home. I think this is where the Padfone X offers up a great usability that can’t be matched. You can essentially make much more use of your phone when you have that tablet dock. Perhaps you want the kids to free up the laptop. The Padfone X is a great solution to that. Giving your kids the phone isn’t that ideal, but giving them a tablet? That’s a different story all together.

I just think that being able to use your phone in a tablet shell such as the Padfone technology does, is really something to behold. It’s like the tablet is thrown in for free. Here, buy the phone but if you’re at home, convert it into a tablet.

Padfone X Specs:

  • 2.3 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor
  • 5 inch, 1920 x 1080 pixel display on the phone
  • 9 inch, 1920 x 1200 pixel touchscreen display on the tablet
  • Android 4.4 KitKat
  • 2GB RAM
  • 16GB of storage
  • microSD card slot up to 64GB
  •  13-megapixel rear camera
  • 2-megapixel front camera
  • 1-megapixel tablet front camera
  • 441 ppi – phone
  • 256 ppi – tablet
  • supports VoLTE on AT&T network
  • tablet has 4990 mAh battery
  • phone has 2300 mAh battery
  • phone talk time up to 20 hours, but when docked, talk time is up to 54 hours
  • phone has standby of up to 19 days, but when docked, standby of up to 52 days
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • wifi a/b/g/n/ac
  • 5GHz wi-fi capable
  • phone weighs 5.29 ounces
  • tablet weighs 18.13 ounces
  • total combined weight with phone docked in tablet is 23.42 ounces

High Resolution 1000px Padfone X photo Gallery (click on image to enlarge):

padfone-x-11 padfone-x-1 padfone-x-2 padfone-x-3 padfone-x-4 padfone-x-5 padfone-x-6 padfone-x-7 padfone-x-8 padfone-x-9 padfone-x-10buy-padfone-x-att

Padfone X Case, Keyboard Dock and Accessories

As always with mobile devices, there are accessories. You could say that the Padfone has the most impressive set of accessories. Let’s take a close look at what’s available in terms of “official” Asus/AT&T accessories.


So this photo above shows the official accessories that you might want to consider. Definitely first and foremost would be the keyboard dock. We’ve done a full review and overview so that you can decide if it’s worth buying. Check out the ARTICLE HERE.

padfone-x-keyboard-dock-attIn terms of the Padfone X case, this one requires you to remove the default back cover and put this one on. So think of this as a new backing for the phone which comes with an attached cover on it. I hope that explanation makes sense. The big question is what happens if you have the case on and you want to dock the phone in the tablet? You will be happy to know it works just fine. You simply need to fold back the cover part and it will freely slide into the tablet dock.

incipio-padfone-x-case-pink These two cases are from Incipio and cost $70. You can choose between pink or black. One feature on these cases that is superior to the official Asus case/cover is that there is an extra flap on the back of the tablet cover. You can see it clearly in the pink case photo above. This has one purpose. When you dock the phone in the back of the tablet, you must fold back the phone cover. Normally it would be “flapping” on the back of the tablet when docked, but you can see in the Incipio cover, that extra flap will actually hold back the phone flap in place more snuggly. Very unique accessories to be sure. But what else would you expect? There is only one Padfone afterall!

padfone-x-case-incipio-blackLastly there is the cover case for the Padfone X tablet. This is a full style cover for the back and with the attached cover. Not much to say other than it’s designed to fit perfectly and it works well with the docking of the phone. If you don’t like the colors, we believe it comes in white or blue although we’ve only spotted the blue one so far.

Padfone X Case Folio – Blue or White – $80. The photos below are the cases that you’ve likely seen in review videos. It looks like if blue isn’t for you, then you have the option of white.

case-padfone-x-blue white-padfone-x-case

 Padfone X Screen Protectors

So far we’re seeing a package of 4 screen protectors for $25 on the official AT&T website.



Videos – Padfone X Hands-On:


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