A new Padfone at Computex 2015 seems unlikely

We’ve been watching very closely on the lead-up to Computex 2015. At this show, Asus has typically made big announcements. This is the one show where they “show all”.

With regards to a new Padfone in 2015, we just aren’t sure. We do know that Asus CEO Jerry Shen told shareholders that there would be one release per year. What we’re not seeing though is any indication that the new Padfone will be showing up at Computex this year.

We know that the ZenPad tablets are the big star of the show and it’s quite possible that the Padfone would be overshadowed at this years Computex. However, there are a few days left and we’re hoping for some type on details or leaked information.

If not, it’s possible that a release could come around the summer this year. Stay tuned!

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One PadFone release per year say Asus CEO Jerry Shen

Asus is dialing back their products this year. Jerry Shen, Asus CEO, told investors that there would be one PadFone release each year.

The question remains whether the PadFone mini will see another release and if there will be a PadFone X2 and Padfone S2 released in the same year. Same model, different name for international markets? It’s too early to say. If Asus continues with AT&T, then it’s likely for the US market, there will be a PadFone X2 this year.


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Official Asus Padfone S Product Photo Gallery

With the official Asus product page for the Padfone S, we expect to see some pre order pages go up soon. Pricing details to follow. For now, enjoy multiple photos of the black and the white Padfone S.

padfone-s-official-product-images-012 padfone-s-official-product-images-011 padfone-s-official-product-images-010 padfone-s-official-product-images-009 padfone-s-official-product-images-008 padfone-s-official-product-images-007 padfone-s-official-product-images-006 padfone-s-official-product-images-005 padfone-s-official-product-images-004 padfone-s-official-product-images-003 padfone-s-official-product-images-002

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