Digitimes suggests Padfone Mini coming soon

A recent article by the Taiwanese website Digitimes.com lays out the tablet released for Asus over the coming months. We’ve seen the slide from an Asus investors conference which clearly shows Padfone Mini. No release date was mentioned.

“and the PadFone mini in the near future…” – Digitimes.com

Now we have an article in Digitimes which suggests the Padfone Mini is part of the aggressive tablet launch plans of Asus. Could this mean a 2013 release date? Possibly, although Asus tends to prefer press conferences for such exciting product launches. From what I see, there isn’t a big show coming until at least early 2014.

We have ears to the ground on this Padfone Mini so stay tuned to details!

[source: Digitimes]

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September 17 – New Padfone Infinity Launch Event

Big news! Well we hope it’s big news. Asus is holding a launch event “Padfone – the future” on September 17th. It’s doubtful that the upgrade to the Snapdragon 800 is reason enough for a big launch event like this. Instead, it’s entirely possible and most likely that the Padfone Mini will be launched. It’s not totally clear what might happen beyond that. Could there be a keyboard dock also? Perhaps. Stay tuned as we look for rumors and leaks!



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Padfone Mini coming sooner than you think

The often used source of Asus information Digitimes suggests that the Padfone Mini will be released, “in the second half”. What is the second half referring to? I would suggest second half of 2013 which means pick a month this Fall 2013 and that could very well be the release date.

No details thus far have been leaked regarding the mini version of the Padfone. Will it be an “infinity” branded model? Will it be a less premium model like the Padfone 2? All questions that need to be answered. Clearly mini would suggest around a 4-inch smartphone and the tablet would likely be in the 7-inch to 8-inch range.

We hope for updates and will post when new details emerge.

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Padfone Mini part of Asus Smartphone Strategy

A recent Asus investor conference has shown off an interesting slide. Are you prepared for a Padfone Mini? Apparently it’s in the works. Nothing official but clearly it’s being listed and shown during the conference. I think it’s going to happen. The only real question is what size? The Padfone Infinity is 10-inch with a 5-inch smartphone. The Mini could sit in a 7-inch tablet? I think 7-inch is a proven tablet size so it’s just a question of the smartphone size. It’s likely going to sit in the same size as the current HTC and Samsung mini versions of their flagship phones. Hopefully details come sooner than later! Asus is always full of surprises!


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