Photo Gallery: AT&T Padfone X

The excitement is building! Asus has their “coming soon” Padfone X product page up now. Pre order should be upcoming very soon. Price and release date details should be coming any day now. Right now, let’s get excited by some high resolution images of the upcoming exclusive Padfone X from ATT. Click on images to enlarge!

att-padfone-x-014 att-padfone-x-013 att-padfone-x-012 att-padfone-x-011 att-padfone-x-010 att-padfone-x-009 att-padfone-x-008 att-padfone-x-007 att-padfone-x-006 att-padfone-x-005 att-padfone-x-004 att-padfone-x-003 att-padfone-x-002 att-padfone-x-001

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Padfone S Review – Specs, Price, Where To Buy, Photos

Official details of the Padfone S are available now. It’s really the same device as the Padfone X.

There appears to be a new Padfone S coming soon to markets unknown. This may be Asia only or this may be Asia and Europe. It appears to be a refresh and will make its official debut at Computex 2014 in the first week of June. Still no keyboard dock being displayed but perhaps Asus is leaving just a few surprises for the big Computer 2014 show! It does appear that the upcoming release in the USA of the Padfone X is a very similar device.

Padfone S (PF500KL) Specs:

  • 5-inch phone
  • 8.9-inch PadFone Station
  • Full HD resolution (1,920 x 1,080 for the phone and 1,920 x 1,200 pixels for the tablet)
  • Qualcomm MSM8974 – Quad-core 2.3 GHz Snapdragon 800
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 2,300 mAh battery on phone and 4,990 mAh cell on the Padfone S Station
  • total weight of 514 grams
  • 11.6 mm thick
  • 4G LTE
  • microSD card slot
  • 16 GB storage
  • 13 MP camera rear, 2 MP front facing

Padfone S – PF500KL – Photo Gallery – Click To Enlarge

padfone-s-review-018 padfone-s-review-017 padfone-s-review-016 padfone-s-review-015 padfone-s-review-014 padfone-s-review-013 padfone-s-review-012 padfone-s-review-011 padfone-s-review-010 padfone-s-review-009 padfone-s-review-008 padfone-s-review-007 padfone-s-review-006 padfone-s-review-005 padfone-s-review-004 padfone-s-review-003 padfone-s-review-002 padfone-s-review-001asus-padfone-s-pf500kl-002 asus-padfone-s-pf500kl-009 asus-padfone-s-pf500kl-008 asus-padfone-s-pf500kl-007 asus-padfone-s-pf500kl-006 asus-padfone-s-pf500kl-005 asus-padfone-s-pf500kl-004 asus-padfone-s-pf500kl-003asus-padfone-s-review-001 asus-padfone-s-review-009 asus-padfone-s-review-008 asus-padfone-s-review-007 asus-padfone-s-review-006 asus-padfone-s-review-005 asus-padfone-s-review-004 asus-padfone-s-review-003 asus-padfone-s-review-002

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Padfone X available to buy as of May 28th – AT&T Event

Update: The original post on has been removed. Does that mean the event is cancelled? Were they not supposed to report it? Not sure but we’re looking for more information right now. Stay tuned!

AT&T has sent out exclusive invitation to an event on May 28th. Apparently this will be the public’s first chance to touch and feel this somewhat illusive Padfone X. We say it’s going to be available to buy as of that date based on gut feel and rational thinking. Devices that get announced but take months to release always run the risk of having outdated hardware specs by the time they get to the marketplace. The Padfone X hopefully is not approaching that situation. In fact the actual specs may have already changed and we don’t know that information yet.

So this Padfone X event with AT&T. They are calling this a “First-look” at the Padfone X and will be at 5PM EST on May 28th. No promises are made according to the invites regarding pre orders, price or that much sought release date.


For now, it appears that this model of Padfone is exclusive to AT&T. It’s not clear if that means a differently named model might appear in Canada, or if the Padfone X branding is limited specifically to this one carrier. We know Canadians want to buy a Padfone like many other people out there. Asus has been cautious in coming to North America, so a little bit more patience is going to be required. We will break news about the Padfone in Canada as soon as possible. Hopefully that’s very soon!

[source: – Note that for some reason the page was taken down. Draw your own conclusions.]

Here is another interesting development. The much renowned technology leaker of information and product images @evleaks has just tweeted out a render of the AT&T Padfone X. Seeing this now certainly indicated we are very very close to buying one. Here is the nice looking render:


[source: @evleaks]


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