Padfone Review Hands On Video – ASUS Padfone Video

Engadget are pretty much the masters of technology. We thought a Padfone review hands-on video would be something you want to see. We really like this Padfone walkthrough that was done at Computex 2011 from Engadget.

In this Padfone review video, notice the compartment for the phone and the connectors. This is a really great viewpoint which you can’t really see in any of the Padfone photos released so far.

Keep in mind what the ASUS Padfone is at this point. ASUS has been quite clear that the Padfone shown at Computex is likely to change in terms of design. The concept is a winner but it would seem that ASUS will be making some design adjustments before that final version 1.0 of the Padfone is released in late 2011.

Anyways, we hope you enjoy this Padfone review video slash hand-on preview!


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