Asus Italy give updated Padfone release date

padfone italy

It’s good to see some more information regarding release dates. This time it’s from Asus Italy. On their official Facebook page there is an explanation for some of the delays. Blame the certification process which has taken longer than expected and confidentiality issues while negotiations with operators were taking place.

With that said, Asus Italy confirms that the Padfone will be released and available in that market at the end of June/early July. It will ship with the “3-in-1” bundle which means you get the smartphone, tablet and keyboard dock in the same package. It will be the 16GB model and will be available at TIM. In mid July there will be a 32GB Padfone tablet with smartphone (excluding the keyboard dock) will be available for a retail price of 699 € including VAT.

[source: Asus Italy Facebook]

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