Negri Electronics selling unlocked Padfone at inflated price

You have to give credit here. Negri Electronics has brought over some Padfones to sell. They are already at backorder so they’ve sold out. It’s hard to say how many units they had up for sale, but news of this spread like wildfire. The asking price is $859 for an unlocked Padfone which comes with the tablet portion and smartphone. Since it’s unlocked, this Padfone can be used on the following wireless networks: GSM, WCDMA, HSDPA and HSUPA networks. Like we’ve said they are showing it’s a backorder item which doesn’t really mean it’s available. It was, now is not. We will monitor stock levels and see if any other retailers in the US will be throwing the Padfone up for orders. At the very least there is some movement it terms of actually coming to market. Fingers crossed this happens very soon.

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