What to expect in the Padfone 2. Your thoughts?

This is just a discussion which can’t be fact based. We simply don’t have the information yet officially about what the Padfone 2 is bringing us. We have seen a leaked photo of what appears to be the Padfone 2 box but that’s about it. Today I’ve heard more rumblings on that same message board that provided that specs screenshot. Through translation, it’s hard to know. Share your thoughts please!

Let’s get the terminology down first. The smartphone = Padfone. The tablet = Padfone Station. The keyboard dock = Padfone Station Dock.

Padfone 2

Bigger, thinner, faster with a bigger battery. If we believe the information that’s out there right now, the Padfone 2 is 137.9 x 68.9 x 9mm whereas Padfone 1 is 128 x 65.4 x 9.2mm. Battery wise, the Padfone 2 appears to have a 2140mAh battery whereas the Padfone 1 has a 1520mAh battery. This puts the Padfone 2 with a larger battery that the iPhone 5. Processor wise, the Padfone 2 is going quad-core¬†(Snapdragon S4 Pro) compared to the dual-core (Snapdragon S4 Plus) in Padfone 1. There is also 2GB of RAM on the new Padfone vs 1GB on the original Padfone.

Padfone 2 Station

One rumor is that the Padfone 2 (smartphone + tablet combo) is going to be thinner than the new iPad 3 wifi version. The new iPad is 9.4mm and the specs from the Padfone 2 box say 9mm for the smartphone. If that thinness is accurate, then the Padfone Station does not have very much wiggle room. The Asus Transformer Infinity tablet is just 8.5mm thin and the Transformer TF300T tablet is just 9.9mm thin. If the Asus smartphone is 9mm as listed on the box, then that’s about 0.4mm left for making the compartment on the back of the Padfone tablet to match the new iPad.

I think the great mystery is how Asus improved the docking system for the Padfone 2. It’s possible that there is a compartment built into the side of the tablet and there is no latching dock bay for the phone. That would reduce bulk. It’s also possible that they were able to reduce the overall thickness of the tablet (realistic considering how thin the Infinity TF700 and TF300 tablets are) and that the engineers at Asus pulled off something amazing. The other thought is that they haven’t actually matched or beaten the thinness of the new iPad 3.

If you believe other rumors, the Padfone 2 Station is going to have a 5,000mAh battery (two or one battery isn’t known) vs the 6,600mAh (split between two 3,300mAh batteries). This means the Padfone 2 Station is going to be lighter.

Padfone 2 Station Dock

Here is where you can believe in or simply dismiss rumors that may be lost in translation. Is it possible there is no Padfone 2 Station Dock? Rumors are suggesting this may be true. Is it possible that the new Padfone 2 Station can dock into say, the Tranformer TF300 dock? Perhaps. When it comes to a rumor about there not being a Padfone 2 Station Dock, it leaves me a bit baffled. The unique qualities of the Padfone was that 3-in-1 device. Leaving out the big part of that makes sense? Not in my mind. Keep in mind something else. At Computex 2012, Asus showed off a Padfone monitor dock. That Padfone monitor is a 24-inch display with a plethora of ports. Does this play into the Station Dock situation? Who knows.


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