Photo Gallery: Padfone Mini

Here are a number of official Asus Padfone Mini photos. There are a number of vibrant and interesting colors, but keep in mind that these colors are often in select markets only. In the Asian market, expect more variety of colors. In Europe, expect to find the more traditional black or white Padfone Mini products. Keeping all the SKU’s would be expensive and risky.

Click on any image below for larger, more detailed photo.

padfone-mini-004 padfone-mini-009 padfone-mini-006 padfone-mini-005 padfone-mini-007 padfone-mini-008 padfone-mini-010

padfone-mini-photo-001 padfone-mini-photo-002 padfone-mini-photo-003 padfone-mini-photo-004

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