Padfone X gets WiFi certification – Buy soon!

The Padfone X appears even closer to its release with AT&T. It’s been long awaited because since January 2014 it had been announced. A preview page is shown at AT&T for months now but customers haven’t been able to buy it. That may change in the near future. Although the Padfone X passed through the FCC quite some time ago, we see now that it has passed through the WiFi Certification process. This must be the last hurdle you would think. We can’t say the price or a specific release date other than it’s looking closer now than it was yesterday!

The Padfone X has a 5-inch smartphone which docks in a 9-inch tablet. You get the latest Android KitKat 4.4 as well. The tablet portion of the combo is referred to as the Padfone station and it has a battery which will provide double the battery life. The smartphone will be LTE enabled also.


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