Asus CEO says Padfone likely to become part of Zenfone Deluxe line

So this is an interesting news tidbit. Padfone Deluxe? Is this possibly the direction that Asus CEO Jerry Shen is hinting at? Or is he hinting at the fact that the Zenfone Deluxe smartphones will be compatible with the docking mechanism on the next Padfone S2 or Padfone X2?

Here is the original comment:

Additionally, Asustek’s PadFone series is likely to be incorporated into the ZenFone Deluxe line, Shen added.

It’s just not clear if there is going to be a rebranding taking place. If Asus can have a stand alone smartphone that will dock into a Padfone, then it would be a great move. Consumers with that model of Zenfone can certainly look at the Padfone tablet portion as an accessory. It can be a real value added to the Zenfone Deluxe line, that’s for sure.

We’re watching closely to see what details we can find out, so please check back with us during the lead up to IFA 2015.

[source: digitimes]

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