Only a quick mention of Padfone at 1Q 2016 Asus investors conference

We are trying to remain positive on a new Padfone. However the 1Q 2016 investors conference shed no more light. If I was to say hot or cold, I would say cold right now.

The Padfone got a mention in a slide, but more as a reflective comment about their innovations from the past. Absolutely nothing about a future release. Nothing about Padfone at Computex 2016. Lots was said about Computex 2016 but none of the products included the word “Padfone”.

The hope is from the S2 leaks a while back. That’s the last indicator that something was in the works but that was a long while ago. You think with the Zenfone 3 at Computex this year, that the Padfone would get overshadowed.

Stay tuned. We are tracking all news to see if anything is coming!


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